Two New Engines with BlueMotion Technology tto Tune up Transporter and TSI and TDI

Volkswagen Transporter Series Two New Engines with BlueMotion Technology tto Tune up Transporter and TSI and TDI

Europe T5 van of VW includes different car models like Multivan, Caravelle and Transporter. There will be two specially upgraded engines which are multi-functional and durable. A 2.0 TDI engine has the power to generate 138 hp. There will be also a 2.0 TSI petrol based power-train. The new BlueMotion technology will be used to make the new Transporter car models more eco-friendly and efficient in generating torque.

There are a number of advantages by opting for BlueMotion technology to tune up the vehicle. First of all, the excellent start/stop systems, energy retrieval systems and durable tire bands with very low tendency to skid off are some of extra facilities which can be had by choosing the BlueMotion technology. A 2.0 liter turbo charged diesel engine has the capability to deliver 138 hp plus 340 NM torque. Front wheel drive system and manual gearbox have been modified to enhance better technical upgradation.

Transporter van has the 2.0 TDI engine which lowers the fuel consumption. The rate of fuel consumption is 6.9 lt/ 100 km. The carbon emission is 182g/km. It is eco-friendly and magnificent in glamour and exterior design.

On the other hand, T5 petrol based power-train has also been upgraded through the introduction of an energy efficient 2.0 liter turbo V4 TSI engine. It produces 148hp and the maximum 280NM torque to power car wheels. The runtime of Transporter vehicle is 11 seconds to cover maximum 100km/h whereas Multivan’s sprinting time is 12.5 seconds to cover the same distance. The fuel economy of Transporter is around 180km/h. The rate of carbon release is 222g/km.

2.0 TDI is equipped with front wheel drive and DSG dual clutch system. A 4 motion all wheel drive is used to construct all the three versions. Experts have also done vast researches to discover more convenient ways to rebuild and tune up the in-car accessories of the vehicle. Retractable car seats are made of high quality leather. The glass windshield, sun visors, an odometer, a tachometer and the updated street navigation system have been tuned up using the advanced technology. The electronic infotainment is able to produce the ear soothing sweet music.

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