2013 Ariel Atom 700 means Speed

Ariel Atom 700 2013 Ariel Atom 700 means Speed

Ariel Atom 700 4 2013 Ariel Atom 700 means Speed

DDMWorks, which is a South Carolina based tuning house, packed Ariel Atom 3 with a lot of power, in the form of a 2.4 liter Honda I4 engine, in the quest for clean performance. However, this too has stiff competition in the shape of Ariel Atom 700.The car is driven by a 2.0-liter ECOtec l4 engine which is a paired with a Garrett GTX 3076 turbo and the original M62 supercharger that gives a total of 700hp or a 520kW.

This engine has upgrades that include ARP Hardware, new Darton cylinder sleeves, ceramic-coated Wiseco pistons and H- beam Carrillo connecting rods that are installed. There are other mechanical developments made, like the addition of the air-to-air intercooler and air-to-water unit, for the turbo and the supercharger respectively. There is also the availability of a custom-made three-inch exhaust, tubing and manifolds-all of which come ceramic coated. The driver has the option of choosing from the range of power levels – levels through 335kW to 522kW.

The automobile manufacturer fits 16 x 7 wheels in the front and 17 x 9 wheels on the rear, with adjustable suspension to handle the powerful driving experience. All this results in 1,450 pounds (657 kg) weighing vehicle, with a power to weight ratio of 2.07 pounds per horsepower.

As this car is packed with all of that power the manufacturers strongly suggest that their customers undergo a special driver teaching course for their own safety, before they toy around with the car. The vehicle price has not been announced yet, however, as the standard Atom 3 retails for $52,480, it is safe to bet that the Ariel Atom 700 will come in a higher price than this along with its insurance, as it is packed with a number of custom-made offerings and also better mechanical improvements.


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