2013 BMW Zagato Roadster Concept gives a sneak peek into their concept

2013 BMW Zagato Roadster Concept 2013 BMW Zagato Roadster Concept gives a sneak peek into their concept

Immediately after BMW and Zagato joined forces again, the pictures of their BMW Zagato Roadster concept car were released that will make its first appearance in the Pebble Beach Concours 2012 that will be held in California. This collaboration between the German automaker and Milan’s designing house is the second in this year.

As this development of the new concept is very recent there is a dearth of information about the car created by BMW and Zagato. However, one can make out from the highly darkened pictures that this car is a Roadster edition of their BMW Zagato Coupé Concept that was unveiled in May.

What can be said by seeing the official pictures is that the hardtop of the previous car will be gotten rid of in this version to provide a more smooth and athletic look to the car.

Like the previous version this car too will incorporate the inputs of both the companies especially BMW’s’ kidney grille’ with intricate metallic detailing, an extended bonnet and sunken driving seats.

The car will feature aluminium hand-built chassis and 19-inch wheels and leather built-in cabin. However, any more specifications about the other features of this upcoming roadster have not been revealed yet stressing that it will be announced shortly.

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