2013 Dartz Nagel Dakar – More Fuel-economic and Technically Upgraded

2013 Dartz Nagel Dakar 2013 Dartz Nagel Dakar – More Fuel economic and Technically Upgraded

Dartz is the world class automaker with the workstation in Latvia. Earlier, this Latvia based car manufacturing unit has earned caboodle of honor and appreciation to have released Prombron Monaco Red Diamond model. The fantastic interior design of the car has overwhelmed Latvian car lovers.

However, it is not the last car model which has been released from the production unit from Dartz. Nagel Dakkar is the upcoming model which has been named after Andrew Nagel. He is a street navigator and won the prestigious Monte Carlo Rally. Dartz has brought the change to the class of modern vehicles. Its outstanding performance, superb style and the wonderful color contrast of Nagel Dakkar model are fantastic.

AMG 5.5-liter bi-turbocharged V8 engine has been handpicked to build up the car. In a press release, CEO of the company has clarified that soon consumers must get fully upgraded vehicle in mind blowing color contrast.

The sports utility vehicle or SUV model is both durable and marvelous in design. The compartment of the new model is filled up with sophisticated tools like retractable car seats, an odometer, a speedometer, a tachometer and the dash. 2013 Nagel Dakkar will be available in both European and American markets. The price of this futuristic SUV model is max €300,000. In America this superb model is on sale for $468,000.

The 8 cylinder AMG engine is turbo charged with good service warranty. The power-train is able to generate 650 HP, 850 Nm (626 lb ft). The topmost speed of the car is 250 km/h. Gear double clutch gearbox, an odometer and Carbon Kevlar inner framework have been specially selected to design the compartment of the new model. The size of Nagel Dakkar is 4620 mm L x2000 mm W x 1700 mm H. Top graded security system has been ensured by experienced engineers.

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