2013 McLaren X-1 Concept – Fuel Economic and Energy Efficient

2013 McLaren X 1 Concept 2013 McLaren X 1 Concept   Fuel Economic and Energy Efficient

2013 McLaren X 1 Concept 2 2013 McLaren X 1 Concept   Fuel Economic and Energy Efficient

McLaren Special Operations is an integral division of McLaren Automotive car manufacturing unit which shows its expertise in the development of bespoke projects. This company gonna McLaren X-1 futuristic super car which is fuel economic and energy efficient. A one-off car model has been shipped to Pebble Beach for hands-on demo at the Quail car exhibition.

Carbon MonoCell has been used to insulate the body of the car. The structure of the new vehicle is solid and weather resistant. To be frank, this is the eco-friendly vehicle which has been totally upgraded by applying sophisticated tools to make it more durable and attractive.

The bespoke vehicle is a work of art. It is the symbol of aristocracy, elegance and elitism. This aerodynamic vehicle is meant for any person of all age groups. That means, its artistic luster, brilliant curb appeal and superb energy efficiency must entice everybody. This showpiece is eco-friendly and its drive train is quite competent to produce sufficient torque. McLaren X-1 concept vehicle has a number of up-to-date in-car accessories. Inside the compartment of the vehicle, you will be able to find fantastically designed retractable car seats, an odometer, a tachometer, a speedometer, sun visors, frontal glass windscreen, washers, a dash, an ergonomic steering wheel, leather upholsters, the rear view glass reflectors, an infotainment and a street nav system. Weather checking display unit has also been installed to help passengers to keep in touch with climatic condition in the vicinity. To top it all, there is an air spoiler to bring fresh air through vents to lower down the temperature inside the fuselage of the vehicle.

McLaren logo is brighter due to the usage of aluminum and nickel insulation. The glossy logo is so beautifully decorated that you will be surprised to watch the structural elegance of the vehicle. Its superb color contrast and interior design must inspire you to buy this smart car.


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