2013 Mercedes E300 BlueTec Hybrid – Most Fuel Efficient E-Series

2013 Mercedes E300 BlueTec Hybrid 2013 Mercedes E300 BlueTec Hybrid   Most Fuel Efficient E Series

2013 Mercedes E300 BlueTec Hybrid 5 2013 Mercedes E300 BlueTec Hybrid   Most Fuel Efficient E Series

Mercedes-Benz-the brand that is a luminary in the field of auto making- has publicized its new E300 BlueTEC Hybrid that is presented in two chic body styles-Saloon and Estate. It declares that this diesel-electric hybrid model is the most fuel-efficient executive car to be sold in the UK.

It is skilled in returning up to 65.7 mpg UK on the joint series with CO2 releases of 109g/km for the saloon variant of the car only while fitted with 16-inch wheels.

The version of this car for the executive class packs in an engine of 2.1-liter four- cylinder which runs on diesel. It builds up 201hp (204PS) and 500Nm (369 lb-ft) of torque. The engine is connected to a 27hp (20kW) electric motor which remains mounted within the 7G-Tronic Plus regular automatic transmission motorized by a 19kW Lithium-ion battery.

According to Mercedes-Benz, this hybrid system is boxed up delicately within the vehicle so as not to have any impact on the flexibility or the weight capacity of the car.

The company asserts that the car reach the top speed of 150 mph. The vehicle can speed up in about 7.5seconds to a speed of 62mph from rest. The same can be achieved by the Estate version of the car in about 7.8 seconds.

This car like any other is packed with other essential features like-for both the body styles- 17 or 16-inch alloy wheels rawhide upholstery and LED lights which can run in the daytime. It also provides Becker Map Pilot Navigation.

The company has announced it cars’ pricing in the UK. This model is offered in both the saloon and Estate body modes. The deliveries are all set to start November onwards. The Hybrid saloon version of the car has a starting price of £39,645.00 while the other version (Estate) opens at £41,435.00.


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