2013 Nissan Pathfinder Concept without Significant Change

2013 Nissan Pathfinder  2013 Nissan Pathfinder Concept without Significant Change

Nissan has no futuristic plan to change the format of car design of the second edition of Pathfinder Concept vehicle. It has clearly stated in an official statement that soon this car will be released after modification.

Though Nissan has no plan to do a major replacement of any tool to upgrade the car, slide modification is supposed to be done to distinguish the second variant from the previous one. Front grille of the car will be made of chrome. The one-off model is similar to the production vehicle.

The seven seater vehicle is boxy and more aerodynamic. Its curb appeal is excellent. The construction of the present model is strong. Color contrast is good and up to the mark. Nissan is a Japanese automaker and its performance record is excellent. For this reason, it has its own responsibility to gift fuel economic and energy efficient vehicles. To keep in touch with the modern trends, the new car model is light in weight. There will be more powerful drive-train accessories, an automatic transmission tool, and the fully upgraded street nav system. The technical configuration has been done with excellence. Now, it is amply explicit that the management of Nissan is quite interested to introduce more innovative technology for the upgradation of the car. Both exterior and interior sections of the new model have undergone a radical change. There will be new devices to tune up the vehicle. 2013 Infiniti JX has been emulated to bring perfection in the upgradation of the car.

In a tech spec sheet, it has been stated that this car will have more powerful power-train with dampers to check the road friction. Besides, tire bands must have gripping power to check the skidding-off tendency. Struts, axle bars, fenders and wheelbases have been assembled via a compact technical tune-up process. To be frank, experts have tried their best level to emulsify the new model by applying the attractive color. On the other hand, a 3.5 liter capacitated V6 engine has been installed into the one-off model. It generates maximum 265hp with 248 pound feet torque.


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