2013 SsangYong Korando Sports with Updated Drive-train Attachment

2013 SsangYong Korando Sports 2 2013 SsangYong Korando Sports with Updated Drive train Attachment

2013 SsangYong Korando Sports 5 2013 SsangYong Korando Sports with Updated Drive train Attachment

SsangYong Korando Sports car model was first introduced to viewers at an international motor show. It was recognized as SUT-1 at that time. This vehicle is now under the last modification process for the premier show at 2012 Geneva Motor exhibition.

Technical specifications of this concept vehicle include the eco-friendly engine, suspension dampers, an exhaust system, a carbon diffuser and the compact car navigation system. This sophisticated vehicle is ready for consumers who like to travel. There is enough space for the safekeeping of five passengers. The compartment is spacious and properly tuned up.

Korando Sports has the four wheel drive system. The towing capacity is up to the mark.

It is one of the best family vehicles with the magnificent operating system. The dazzling curb appeal and the hi-tech climate controlling device of the vehicle must be specially noticed. The tire bands are made of durable rubber. Fenders are closely attached to the tire bands. There is sufficient space inside the front cockpit of the vehicle. You will feel totally comfy to travel by this vehicle. Needless to say, when you start driving the car, you must be joyous and energized due to the smooth car trip without any hassle. Every car upgradation tool is in proper juxtaposition. The glass windshield and washers have been upgraded and then installed into the car to enhance the proper tune-up process. Retractable car seats are expandable and foldable to provide extra room for comfortable movement of the body.

Korando Sports vehicle has the upgraded e-XDi active diesel propelled engine. The new 2 liter capacitated powertrain also offers s 155PS and 360NM torque. There are other essential car d├ęcor tools like the expandable sun visors, rear view reflectors, the ergonomic steering wheel, and the dash. There is enough space in the rear wagon station. The lighting fixtures are long lasting.


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