2014 Arrinera Hussarya – the name that echoes a fighter

2014 Arrinera Hussarya 3 2014 Arrinera Hussarya   the name that echoes a fighter

The supercar that is enjoying the limelight at the moment is the Arrinera Hussarya. After keeping the markets’ interest alive by releasing only a few sketches, Arrinera finally makes public the official images with the ultimate framework of the model. The name –Hussarya- that is Arrinera supercar is being associated with has a long trail of names. Some say, it clearly resounds Pagani Huayra; however, the Polish automaker reveals that the car is named after Poland’s Hussar, belonging to the 17th century.

Designing and crafting this car took 14months and seeing the results one may say it is well worth it. The automobile faintly resembles other supercars like the structure of the Lamborghini Murcielago. The car gets a remodeled look which is chic and classy, and this is conspicuous if one views the previous models of the same. The framework is assembled from high-intensity steel and has a sturdy appearance. There is an independent suspension, which is designed by Lee Noble.

The car is aerodynamically built. One of the most innovative components of the car’s exterior, are the two spoilers which function as air brakes whenever the car hits the speed of 150km/h. The supercar borrows from General Motors V8 Engine (6.2 liter) that produces an output of 650 hp in total and gets a torque of 850 Nm at max. The car weighs 1300kg and when the engine is connected to a 6-speed gearbox Graziano transmission it can speed up in about 3.2 seconds to a speed of 100km/hr and also strike a top pace of 340 km-hr.

The company promises to offer different elegant body colours, however, as of now the colour-scheme have not been decided. Both left and right hand drive editions of the car will be obtainable. The Hussarya is all geared up to be sold in late 2013, which comes with a price tag of£100,000.


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