Conquest Vehicle’s first unarmored 2013 Evade SUV

2013 Conquest Evade 2 Conquest Vehicle’s first unarmored 2013 Evade SUV

Canada’s Conquest Vehicle launched their latest model and also added that it is their first unarmored SUV named Evade. The Conquest brand is famous for Knight XV which is an armored SUV that conquers the roads it runs on.

Nonetheless, this newest model is less armored and therefore less wild. The interior of the car has a space of 400 cubic feet providing luxury. The car has a 2+2 style limo-like seating designed for maximum comfort and efficiency. In addition to this there are sophisticated and stylish reclining seats, laptop trays, also a third sunroof, new taillights and headlights, a hood scoop and a wider back door. It provides the option of having either a driver divider or a folding flat-screen television. The steering wheel, hinges and key are made of stainless steel. The chassis is made of aluminium-mild steel blend which makes it lighter than its predecessor. Diesel and petrol engine options are available. Interiors can be custom-made with leather and metals available as interior options.

The company’s President William Maizlin made known that his company wants to set new standards with Evade. They want to push the envelope a little further in terms of craft and design without altering some of their key features found in Knight XV. This unarmored machine comes with a price tag of $579,000.


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