Mercedes to Release Executive SE, AMG Sport and AMG Sport Plus Trims

2013 Mercedes C Class Models 1 Mercedes to Release Executive SE, AMG Sport and AMG Sport Plus Trims

Mercedes is a German based company. It has confirmed a report which supports the fact of the introduction of few new models into C-Class hierarchy. These up-to-date car models are Executive SE, AMG Sport and AMG Sport Plus.

The newly built power-train is supposed to be used to enhance the upgradation of the vehicle. At a conference, experts have told media associates that the new engine will generate 154hp and 250NM torque. The 1.6 liter capacitated direct injection turbo engine is more dynamic, fuel efficient and capable of producing sufficient horsepower.

The newly upgraded Executive SE model has been made more beautiful and luxurious by inserting a sports grille, four 16 inch alloyed wheelbases and durable tire bands. Artico upholsters and LED daytime lighting accessories have been selected to perfect the car design. 17 inch alloy wheels are durable, strong and flexible.

Besides, the interior portion of the car has been given a new facelift. You will be surprised to have a close look at the decorated leather upholsters. The glossy leather envelop has been used to cover the retractable seats. The modern street navigation accessories are superb in functionality. There are other tools like an odometer, a speedometer, a tachometer, a climate checking display unit and the infotainment.


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