Refreshed 2013 Mitsubishi ASX for Aussies

2013 Mitsubishi ASX Refreshed 2013 Mitsubishi ASX for Aussies

2013 Mitsubishi ASX 3 Refreshed 2013 Mitsubishi ASX for Aussies

Mitsubishi is a reputed Japanese automaker to produce only qualitative vehicles which are excellent in terms of performance and design. Now, this car manufacturing unit has remodeled ASX 4WD variant for Aussies.

In an official statement, one of the spokespersons of the company has explained that this car will be a soft of sports utility vehicle. The technical specifications include a 1.8 L engine which has the capability to produce 147 hp and 221 pound feet torque. In addition, there must be a 6-speed manual gearbox which is performance based. The rate of carbon emission is around 149 g/km.

Technical upgradation is also going on to restructure ASXA 2WD and 2WD Aspire variants. The introduction of energy efficient 2.0 L gasoline fueled powertrain to upgrade the vehicle is an important factor. These powertrains of both models will have competency to generate 147 hp and 145 pound feet torque.

Consumers will come into contact with new set of tools like RISE, hill start control systems, electronic brake distribution attachment Safety Evolution frame, 7 airbags and ASTC system to rebuild the vehicle for better presentation. The curb appeal of the car is good. This aerodynamic model is light in weight. The negative camber of the tire bands is higher. You will find no structural deformity. Nor is there any cowl shake in the front cockpit of the car. Besides, dampers, an exhaust system, a carbon diffuser, the street nav system, and the fully designed dash have changed the design of the car totally. The safety of the passengers is ensured. The color contrast is excellent. The compartment of the car is durable. The drag-in engine co-efficiency rate is low. This is the car which has the durable drive-train, and the electronic infotainment system to tune up the car in a more attractive way. It is an ultramodern vehicle with the revised power-train and an automatic transmission.


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