The best fuel-saving car among all the premium brands – 2013 BMW X3 sDrive18d

2013 BMW X3 sDrive18d The best fuel saving car among all the premium brands   2013 BMW X3 sDrive18d

BMW’s latest offering is the first X3 variant- X3 sDrive 18d which features rear wheel drive. Rear wheel drive system was first introduced in the X1 model. After that, this model which is the first of the X3 models features it.

Motivation is provided to this car through a 2 liter turbo-diesel engine that comprises of four cylinders. The engine can churn out a power of 141 hp and produces a peak torque of 360 Nm. The car comes prepared with a six-speed manual gearbox and also gives an option of an eight-speed automatic transmission.

This model’s equipments match those of sDrive 20d model. It has 17-inch alloy wheels and Nevada rawhide upholstery. It also sports BMW iDrive that comes with a 6.5inch colour screen.

This model can accelerate from rest to a speed of 62mph in 9.9 seconds. It provides a top speed of 121 mph. All this provided by the manual transmission. The automatic transmission is relatively slower. The automatic can reach a speed of 62mph starting from rest in 10.3 seconds. The automatic variant has a top speed of 118mph.

This car is one of the most fuel-efficient and economical premium cars available in the market. BMW also maintains that their cars consume 7% less fuel than the other competitors. On a standard basis, it burns per 100 km 5.1 liters of diesel. The amount of carbon dioxide discharged 135 grams per km.

It has fuel consumption of 5.4 liters per 100km when prepared with the 8 speed automatic transmission gearbox. It releases 142gm carbon dioxide every km. To give such outputs this vehicle come equipped with Brake Energy Recuperation, Auto Start-Stop, Power Steering that is electric and ECO PRO mode.

Those who are interested will have to part with €36,200 in Germany. The car is all set for an October release.

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