Volkswagen’s 2013 Amarok Pickup Truck

2013 VW Amarok Pickup Truck 1 Volkswagen’s 2013 Amarok Pickup Truck

2013 VW Amarok Pickup Truck 4 Volkswagen’s 2013 Amarok Pickup Truck

Volkswagen has updated the 2013 version of its midsized pickup truck. The Amarok underwent a set of changes to propel into the series of other double cab Amaroks of the European and Russian markets.

The restructured Amarok puts on improved diesel powertrain along with innovative features that come handy, along with an greater than before trailer load and also an absolute 12 warranty against corrosion and decay perforation. The engine performance has been enhanced, getting it to the same productivity levels of the automatic transmission versions by boosting the manual gearbox prepared 2.0-liter BiTurbo TDI diesel unit from 161 hp to 177hp.The automaker maintains that the fuel economy and the CO2 releases remain unaffected.

In addition, after becoming obtainable in the automatic version, the German automakers’ Blue motion Technology which comprises start/stop, and regenerative braking is now presented with the 121hp (122PS) and 177hp (180PS) labor-intensive version of the car in combination with the rear-wheel drive system or the permanent four-wheel drive version.

The automakers claim that the BlueMotion Technology wraps up helps save per 100 kilometers 0.5 liters of fuel. For the year 2013, the highest trailer load that all the four wheelers with manual gearboxes in 3 tonnes (6,614 lbs) while the automatic models can haul up to 3.2 tonnes (7,055 lbs). Also, the truck can now be locked. It can also be used to carry weight of up to 200kg (441 pounds).

This modernized truck is now packed with features needed to become numero uno among other car varieties of the same available in the market. It has a regular ParkPilot system in the high-end models, rain sensor, anti-dazzle interior mirror and automatic headlight control among other features. These thus amplify the prices of this 2013 vehicle which starts at a total price of €19,835 for a single cab or €22,610 for the double cab of the same model.


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