2013 ‘Street-legal Formula Ford’ to give stiff competition to other super cars

Street legal Formula Ford 1 2013 ‘Street legal Formula Ford’ to give stiff competition to other super cars

Blue Oval Industries is reported to be bearing in mind a ‘street-legal Formula Ford’. This super car will battle it out with the competitors of the likes of BAC Mono and Ariel Atom.

One of the senior executives indicated, that there is a possibility of this, in the course of the company’s “Go Further” occasion where they brought together the Mondeo and the 2013 Fiesta. No specifications of this car have been divulged yet but it is said that the model will cost around “well under £100,000 ($160,080 / £124,990)” that will surely make it “a bargain next to the BAC Mono.”

There has been no news on the release date of this model. This super car recently completed its laps at the Nurburgring Nordschleife, and took only 7 minutes and 22 seconds of time. This model has been incorporated with an EcoBoost engine which is of the capacity of 1.0 litres. This engine can produce a massive thrust of 202 Hp power. With the help of this engine, this super car can accelerate from rest to a speed of 100 km/h not taking more than four seconds. The car is estimated to have a top speed of 255.5 km/h.


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