2013 Dacia Logan set to debut at the Paris Motor Show

2013 Dacia Logan 2013 Dacia Logan set to debut at the Paris Motor Show

Dacia, will have decided to replace their eight year old Logan, with the Dacia Logan. The sales of Dacia Logan had dipped shapely from 2010 to 2011, from 154,559 units to 86,578 units respectively. The new car will be launched at the Paris Motor Show.

The 2008 Logan was designed from the outset as an affordable car, and has many simplified features to keep costs down. The new Dacia Logan is supposed to have a more distinct and modern look inside, compared to its predecessor. The vehicle’s new styling identity exudes an impression of quality and strength.

The official statement of the Romanian brand read as: “One of the main qualities behind the brand’s new styling identity is to give a sense of quality and strength,”

Exterior: it has a sporty front that features a prominent grille and larger headlights with the Dacia logo which sits boldly in the grille. The wide headlights and the grille make it look more expressive and less blocky, taking cue from the Duster SUV.

The robustness of the model is reinforced by the sculpted waistline, more prominent wheel arches and indented flanks which are hallmarks of the entire range.

Interior: the ambience of carried inside too. Depending on the model and version it comes with a new dark charcoal or two-tone well-equipped, modern dashboard. It bit of more cash you can go for the chrome instrument bevels and latest-generation controls.

Other features include a LG-developed Media Nav infotainment system , logo on the steering wheel and gear lever knob in chrome.

It retains the air vent surrounds; the bottom edge of the central fascia features a colored trim which blends perfectly with the door pulls and decorative steering wheel insert.

In the design of the new car special attention has been given to ensure that an immediate impression of quality which is reinforced by the materials selected for the interior and by the more careful fit-and-finish.


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