2013 Ford Fiesta packs in all the latest in technology!

2013 Ford Fiesta 2013 Ford Fiesta packs in all the latest in technology!

2013 Ford Fiesta 2 2013 Ford Fiesta packs in all the latest in technology!

The best-seller Fiesta’s latest edition was unveiled by Ford recently. The all-new Ford Fiesta has a edgier design and also packs in various special technologies. The first Fiesta was unveiled in 1976 first and since then has sold over 15million of this model all over the world.

The vehicle has a ‘trapezoidal grille’ in its front that is surrounded on the two sides by headlamps. The headlamps have been incorporated with LED technology that is meant for use in the daytime. Its bonnet’s design is power-dome.

It gets its power from a petrol EcoBoost engine (1.0 litre) that delivers the best fuel economy. It has also been given the title of “International Engine of the Year”.

The interiors of this car have been ergonomically designed. Among the various technologies that have been incorporated in this car there is Ford SYNC which is a connectivity system that is in-car and voice-activated, MyKey and Active City Stop.

Ford SYNC provides an exceptional connectivity that enables owners in voice-activating their phone calls and in their music selection from the gadgets that are connected with the help of Bluetooth or via USB. It also includes Emergency Assistance that connects the occupants inside the car to any sort of service operators for local emergency. It also language-specific that is it uses the language depending on the country it is in.

Also MyKey which makes its European debut with this segment enables parents to configure the maximum speeds and the volume limits of the audio to ensure safer driving by the teenagers. It can also mute audio until the seat belts have been fastened.

Martin Smith, Executive design Director, Ford of Europe speaking about the popularity of this small vehicle said, “Fiesta has been one of the world’s best-loved small cars across five decades, and the sporty appeal of the last generation Ford Fiesta inspired real passion among global compact car customers, contributing to its status as the world’s most successful small car.”


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