2013 Lotus Evora GX Racecar – More Eco-friendly

2013 Lotus Evora GX Racecar 2013 Lotus Evora GX Racecar   More Eco friendly

2013 Lotus Evora GX Racecar 3 2013 Lotus Evora GX Racecar   More Eco friendly

2013 Lotus Evora GX Racecar 6 2013 Lotus Evora GX Racecar   More Eco friendly

Keeping in mind the glamour and curb appeal of dashing GRAND-AM Rolex Sports car models, Lotus has taken the final decision to release more dynamic and performance oriented Lotus Evora GX Racecar (2013) car.

Drivers will have golden moments to enjoy the adventurous trips by driving Evora GX Racecar 2013. This upcoming race car is more attractive, smarter and more dynamic. The color contrasts of the vehicle are so sweet that you will feel an aching joy to drive the car through a broad highway. You will feel a wild excitement to touch the glossy texture of the colorful compartment of this race car. Secondly, the highly fashionable in-car accessories have been chosen only after an effective comparison study.

Rate of negative camber of this vehicle is higher and that’s why, at a close angle, your smart racing car will not stumble. Tire bands are durable. The interior design of the compartment of the car is excellent. Extra charm and color of this eco-friendly vehicle must soothe your eyes and boost up your mind to have raw fun to make a romantic washboard trips with your sweetheart. Carbon fiber insulation has been done with accuracy to enhance the structural elegance of the car. Moreover, you will get a superb drive-train kit for modifying and cleansing the engine if required. The torque generating capability of the car is extremely good. A 4- liter V6 engine generates 440 brake horse power and 440 NM torque. This powerful engine has been attaché to XTRAC 6-speed paddle shift attachment. The initial price of this superb aerodynamic vehicle is around $335000. For more technical details and updated price lists, you will have to log at the company’s website to collect information. The excellent features of this smart car include the remarkable compartment, the sophisticated street nav system, the soft leather upholsters and the ultra modern lighting fixtures. It is a fuel efficient car with the compact drive-line attachment.


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