2013 Mazda MX-5 Super 180 to be Tuned up by BBR

2013 BBR Mazda MX 5 Super 180 2013 Mazda MX 5 Super 180 to be Tuned up by BBR

BBR is a reputed auto tuner with the fantastic performance record. It provides the cost effective technical backup and tuning service to develop the Mazda drive-train kit. BBR has tuned up Mazda models in past and they got good feedbacks from experts.

Of late BBR is working out especially at its lab to upgrade the drive-train accessories of MX5 models. Few days back, in a press release BBR management declared that there would be a Super 180 power-train system to modify 2.0i Mazda Mk3 / MK3.5 MX-5. Technical specifications include a stainless steel made exhaust manifold attachment and a durable 2.5 inch stainless exhaust system. In addition customers will get center silencers with 3.5 inch tailpipes to add more perfection to the overall car tune-up program.

The new torque generating unit has the excellent capability to produce 158 brake horse power up to 180 brake horse power. This power-train is also efficient to produce 159 lb-ft torque after making a steady increase in the amount of torque by 20 pound feet torque. This car tune-up kit will cost you something around 1,995 pounds without value added tax. BBR has also announced that in future there will be long term projects with Mazda auto manufacturing unit. People will have unique chances to get more performance specific cars like MX5 series.



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