2013 Nissan TeRRA Concept on E-mode with Zero Carbon Emission Guarantee

2013 Nissan TeRRA Concept 2013 Nissan TeRRA Concept on E mode with Zero Carbon Emission Guarantee

2013 Nissan TeRRA Concept 3 2013 Nissan TeRRA Concept on E mode with Zero Carbon Emission Guarantee

TeRRA will be an electric powered vehicle with a compact drive-train attachment. This smart vehicle is not only aerodynamic but also it is more fuel economic than its forefathers. After the advent of the aerodynamic vehicles, the format of the old fastback vehicles has undergone a radical change.

To be frank, TeRRA is a car on e-mode. You can travel covering long distance by driving this electric powered vehicle. The exterior texture of the compartment of the car is dynamic, dazzling and more stylish. The interior section of the compartment is also good. Now, this is an ultra-light performance specific vehicle. Due to the availability of the electric power-train, there is 100 percent guarantee for zero carbon emission. You must not suffer from dispnea or any type of obstructive respiratory disorder owing to the application of the modern air filtration device and electric charged power generating system. There is enough room inside the compartment of the e-vehicle. Passengers can sit comfortably. The durable retractable car seats, a dash, the sun visors, the ergonomic steering wheel and the odometer have been modified properly.

The frontal part of the car is nice to look. Glass screens to design the car are transparent. There are a number of devices like the glass windshield, the glass windows and non retractable slide quartz glass screens are extremely attractive. The rear compartment of the car has been properly beautified by installing in-car accessories. The sophisticated air spoiler and the properly decorated louvers have been installed to design the compartment. The aesthetic glamour of the car is heart throbbing and remarkably excellent. The tire bands which have been attached to the base platform of the car are long lasting. Undoubtedly, you will be benefited by purchasing this electric charged vehicle. FCEV or fuel cell electric vehicle is getting popularity in the high profile society due to innovative design and 0% carbon free guarantee.


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