2013 Smart Forstars Concept

2013 Smart Forstars Concept 2 2013 Smart Forstars Concept

2013 Smart Forstars Concept 3 2013 Smart Forstars Concept

Smart Forstars concept coupe is a battery powered vehicle with a durable compartment. This smart vehicle is performance specific and fuel economic. It is a sports utility coupe model with a long lasting drive-train attachment.

The special feature of this futuristic model is glasswork. The rooftop of the compartment of the car is made of glass to enhance the beauty, and clarity. You can watch the star studded sky while sitting inside the boxy compartment of this concept vehicle. In the front cockpit, there is a marvelous video projecting screen for the displaying of snapshots of family members and friends.

This smart vehicle will be showcased at Paris Motor exhibition. At a press conference, experts have highlighted the special areas of technical modifications/specifications about this theme sports utility coupe. This is an aerodynamic vehicle which is fuel efficient and powerful.

Color matching is excellent and eye soothing. To be frank, car designers have handpicked alubeam rouge color contrast to paint the exterior texture of the vehicle. The bright metallic color will surely entice young generation. As it is an electric charged vehicle, it has the least tendency to pollute air. The zero carbon emission assurance plus the sound reduction option are really magnificent and noticeable. Brabus smart electric drive-train and the in-car accessories of the vehicle have offered good driving provisions without any technical drawback. You will be pleased to see the beauty of the car. A 17.6 kWh capacitated battery powers the engine.

Besides, the infotainment system is an innovation and you will be able to spend some special moments by listening to music. The lifelong durability of the car will certainly make you happy. Retractable car seats are superb and ergonomic. Finally, there are other features like eco-friendly street nav system and the properly designed dash. The power-train of the car is multi-functional and long lasting. The highly powerful fluorescent lamps are capable of releasing bright light to help drivers for trouble free navigation.

The colour of the expressive coupĂ© is also a reference to the venue of the world premiere. It is painted in the extravagant colour “alubeam rouge” that creates an appealing contrast to the matt metallic titanium colour of the tridion safety cell. And thanks to the 60 kW magneto-electric motor from the new Brabus smart electric drive, the zero-emission smart forstars is agile and lively.


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