2013 SSC Ultimate Aero XT launched

2013 SSC Ultimate Aero XT 2013 SSC Ultimate Aero XT launched

SSC, formerly known as Shelby Super Cars has released the replacement for its extreme supercar, the Ultimate Aero. The Ultimate Aero XT.

It will feature the powertrain from the brand’s upcoming next-generation Tuatara hypercar. Hence only a small number of these models are being built. You’ll have to click past the jump past the jump to see what we think of it.

The 2013 Ultimate Aero XT special editions boasts of a 969kW/1361Nm version of the Tuatara’s 6.9-litre twin-turbocharged aluminum V8.

That makes the beast save 0.13 seconds than its standard Ultimate Aero’s. It zooms from 0-100km/h sprint time, with the XT stopping the clock at 2.65 seconds.

Exterior: The Ultimate Aero XT will boast a two-tone paint scheme. The client can select any two colors he wants and SSC will place one color up the center of the car, over the roof, down the tail, on the mirrors, and on the lower half of the vehicle. The second color will fill in the sides of the car and the outermost sides of the hood.

The overall styling of the car is the same as the standard Ultimate Aero. However the customer can select the wheels they want. It boasts a wedge-style front end that leads to a low-slung roof that swoops rearward to the tail. Around the back end of the Ultimate Aero XT, you have the six taillight system seen on the standard Ultimate Aero, along with its center-exit exhaust system.

Interior: it’s based on the Ultimate Aero, but from the pictures it looks like the colors are coded to match the exterior.

Other features of the inside include A/C power windows, power mirrors, tilt steering, 7.5-inch LCD screen, a 10-speaker premium stereo system with a CD and DVD player. You also get a full-time rear-view camera and a navigation system.

Engine: Behind the seats is where the big difference is seen in this version of the Ultimate Aero. Engine: It features the all-new 423.6 cubic-inch engine that the Tuatara uses,

Power: boasting 1,300 horsepower at 6,800 rpm

Torque: 1,004 pound-feet of torque at 6,800 rpm.

Also it retains the cooling system and fuel-delivery system.

Breaking and suspension: an each corner of the Ultimate Aero XT are carbon/ceramic brakes borrowed from the Tuatara that bring this beast to a fast stop almost on demand. It brings the car to rest from 60 mph to 0 mph in just 103 feet.


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