2014 Kia Pro Ceed – Ceed family gets extended

2014 Kia Pro Ceed 2014 Kia Pro Ceed   Ceed family gets extended

2014 Kia Pro Ceed 2 2014 Kia Pro Ceed   Ceed family gets extended

Kia is all geared up to unveil its latest offering. They are ready to present the third edition of vehicle belonging to the second generation of the cee’d family.

This all-new Kia Pro Ceed is a three door hatchback vehicle. Kia will be releasing this vehicle at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. This vehicle is expected to be available for sale in the United Kingdom in the year 2013 during spring.

This new Pro Ceed is a sophisticated vehicle that encompasses all the improvements and modifications that have been made to cee’d Sports wagon and cee’d five-door. It also dramatically improved the sporty appearance, which made its precursor popular. This car has a sleek and sporty chassis in the three-door set-up. This set-up is more desirable than a five-door format. It has a lower ride height now. The lights, grille and bumper have been revised. This car thus has been given a fabulous look.

Kia’s Chief Design Officer, Peter Schreyer explained saying “”This car embodies emotion and energy through and through. You know from a single glance that this is a car you want to drive, not just own. Kia is on a distinctive design adventure and the all new pro-cee’d spearheads this forward looking journey.”


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