All-new Toyota Auris to debut at the 2012 Paris motor Show

2013 Toyota Auris 2 All new Toyota Auris to debut at the 2012 Paris motor Show

2013 Toyota Auris 4 All new Toyota Auris to debut at the 2012 Paris motor Show

The all-new Toyota Auris will world premiere at the 2012 Paris Motor Show .With its launch the company says, the car will reflect its determination to engineer cars that are more appealing and dynamically engaging to drive while building on its long-established reputation for quality, durability and reliability.

The looks of the car has been given a complete overhaul inside and out. The car has been given more angular appearance. Higher-end models will have a gloss back finish for the B pillars and a different treatment for the C pillars.

Exterior: the width of the car is same as its predecessor, 1 76 cm, however it’s longer lengthwise, measuring 4 26cm in length, up by 3 cm. It’s said to be the lowest car in the mainstream C-segment, with a height of 1 460 mm – which is about 55 mm lower than its predecessor.. Its looks appealing with a sharper, wedge-shaped profile; The front is more pointed with raked-back headlamps, a sleeker grille , LED daytime running lights and a well-finished rear end.

Interior: the new Auris offers 2cm more legroom than the current model and a 9cm longer boot. The load space has increased by 6 liters with the seats up. The cargo room has been increased from 224 to 360 dm3.

The total cost of ownership has been reduced: Aerodynamic improvements helps the new Auris achieve a coefficient of drag of 0.28. Weight is saved with the use of high-tensile steel. It increases stiffness and lowers the hatchback’s center of gravity and cuts weight by up to 40kg. Engine enhancements have seen fuel consumption and CO2 emission. All features combined it reduces the cost of ownership.

Engine: The technical details are yet not confirmed. it is expected to have a revised versions of the 1,3-litre petrol engine for the entry-level model, a 1,6-litre petrol and a 1,4-litre diesel to form the initial engine line-up with diesel units to join the range at a later date.

Toyota expects the Auris to give tough fight to the Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf. The starting price is expected to be around £15,500. It’s expected to be available for sales by the first quarter of 2013.


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