Dacia Sandero 2013 priced at £7k

2013 Dacia Sandero Dacia Sandero 2013 priced at £7k

2013 Dacia Sandero 1 Dacia Sandero 2013 priced at £7k

Romanian carmaker and subsidiary of Renault, Dacia is all set to replace its five-door hatchback version of the series named Sandero with a new one.

The new generation of the Sandero is set to debut at 2012 Paris Motor Show alongside the 2013 Logan 2.

The bargain-basement supermini is going to give its rivals real competition by thousands of pounds when it arrives at the showroom at the start of 2013. The prices are supposed to start well below £7000 making it substantially cheaper than cars such as the Fiesta, Peugeot 208 and Volkswagen Polo.

The five-door hatchback is modeled like the Ford Fiesta.

The strong points of the Sandero are, a 320-litre boot, which is 25 liters more than a Ford Fiesta’s. The capacity can further be expanded to 1200 liters by folding down the 60/40 split rear seat.

Exterior: it features newly designed headlights, a larger front grille with the Dacia logo, stylist rear lights and new bumpers.

Interior: The interior offers more variety than the previous model. The first time in the Dacia’s has used a touchscreen located in the center console. It will be used to control the sound system, the air conditioning, and various other systems. The touchscreen will probably come as an optional extra. Customers can choose between a dark charcoal or two-tone dashboard, with chrome instrument surrounds.

Engine: The mechanicals are close to that of the outgoing Clio’s, but it also gets elements from the new 2013 Clio .The shared components include the latest Clio’s new 0.9-litre, turbocharged three-cylinder petrol engine . A diesel engine, which most likely will be Renault’s 1.5-litre unit –will be there, along with regular four-cylinder petrol motor. Further technical details will be available when the car is launched at the French expo.

The likely price of the new Sandero will be around £7k. It goes on sale in early 2013.


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