Heico Sportiv to Launch 2013 Volvo V40

Heico Sportiv 2013 Volvo V40 1 Heico Sportiv to Launch 2013 Volvo V40

Heico Sportiv 2013 Volvo V40 2 Heico Sportiv to Launch 2013 Volvo V40

Heico Sportiv has already earned huge popularity and recognition by tuning up numerous vehicles. This car tuning service provider has made it clear that soon there will be a fully developed and upgraded 2013 Volvo V40 variant after doing a compact tune-up process.

Heico is a long term partner of reputed Volvo Car Germany GmbH and AG. It will be a hatchback vehicle which is supposed to be equipped with D2, D3 and D4 engines in series. However for more reliable information, you need to wait for several months to get the complete tech spec sheet about this developed hatchback vehicle.

Provisionally, experts will install ECU kit with D4 oil burner. This power-train will have the capacity to generate 174 horsepower and 400 NM torque. The sprinting time of the of the car is far better than its previous model. There is also a steady increase in the speed of the car. Now, experts are busy of doing more experiments and trials to tune up the car. There will be retractable car seats, sun visors, the dash, an ergonomic steering wheel, the binnacle and the glass windows. Passengers will feel comfy to sit inside the hatchback vehicle. The glossy seat covers, the floor carpets and the street nav system of the car are durable. This is a sophisticated light weighted car. The tire bands are made of high quality rubber. The functionality of the dampers is appreciable. The dampers are capable of checking the friction by collecting shock. This is the latest version and people will be given the good service warranty with the car. You need to check the technical specifications and other features. This is one of the fuel economic vehicles.

In a press release, it has been confirmed that experiments are still on to upgrade T3, T4 and T5 power-trains which must be tuned up scientifically for better performance.


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