Hofele Design shapes up 2013 Mercedes-Benz ML

2013 Mercedes Benz ML Hofele Design shapes up 2013 Mercedes Benz ML

2013 Mercedes Benz ML 4 Hofele Design shapes up 2013 Mercedes Benz ML

The Mercedes-Benz ML is all prepared for getting tweaked by the Hofele design tuners. They have released a 14-piece body kit for the vehicle.

The kit has been named “Starcruiser GT 550”. It will provide newest bumpers for the front that has great air intakes and LED DRLs. Also there are these extensions meant for the wheel arches which are all new. It has a broader apron diffuser placed at the back and sports tailpipes (four-tube). This all-new body kit is structured in a way that it is compatible on all the Merc ML models (W166) excepting ML 63 AMG model only.

This model- Mercedes-Benz ML- can be fixed with the latest set of alloy wheels by REVERSO II in various sizes- 9 X 20 and 10 X 22. Lowering module mechanism can get the car nearer to the ground by 40mm at a speed of 49mph at max. The tuning house can also modify the 350 BlueTec engine that runs on diesel, to generate 312 HP from the earlier power of 258 HP. The peak torque has also increased by 80 Nm.

The interiors have a dual-colour leather fibre interior with decorative seams and stitched basics. The rear and front arm rests, steering wheel and door panels have also been wrapped in leather.


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