Mercedes-Benz ready to launch the 2013 SLS AMG Electric Drive

2013 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive Mercedes Benz ready to launch the 2013 SLS AMG Electric Drive

The pictures of the new SLS AMG Coupe Mercedes –Benz were leaked recently, ahead of its debut the French auto show. The concept of EV will be raised on altogether different platform with the launch of this vehicle.

Let’s hear what Mr. Ola Kallenius, chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-AMG GmbH had to say about the SLS AMG.

“The SLS AMG Coupe Electric Drive is setting new standards for cars with electric drives. As the most powerful gullwing model ever, it is also representative of the enduring innovational strength of Mercedes-AMG. Our vision of the most dynamic electric vehicle has become a reality. With the help of our colleagues at Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains in Brixworth, we are bringing exciting advanced technology from the world of Formula 1 to the road.”

The most notable feature of the car is the 4 electric motors, which generate a total power of 552 KW and maximum torque of 1000Nm. The net result is that the engine vroom’s from 0 to100 kmph seconds in just 3.9 seconds. When most EV’s take 10 seconds to fire up from 0-60 mph.

Other specifications:

Range: 155 miles

Battery Energy Content: 60KWh

Battery Voltage: 400volts

It will be launched in 2013. The starting prices would be 416,500 Euros ($579,419 USD) in Germany. Prices for the U.S market are yet to be announced.


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