New Citroen Electric Berlingo is a commercial car that will make its mark in 2013

2013 Citroen Electric Berlingo New Citroen Electric Berlingo is a commercial car that will make its mark in 2013

Citroen has kept producing pure-electric saleable and profitable vehicles for the last twenty years or more. Its C15, C25 and the other first-generation Berlingo LCV models have all been saleable.

This French brand will continues this legacy with its latest offering the Electric Berlingo- which was launched at the Hanover Motor Show that took place in Germany from 18th to 27th September.

According to the French automaker, provides the chance to” “, without compromising on the practicality front.

In this vehicle, the skilled engineers have set up the different parts of powertrain in two places- under the forward-facing bonnet and underneath the body shell. The bipartite battery pack of 22.5 kWh is put up underneath the floor at the back, providing a flawlessly flattened load area.

The load capacity, of the Electric Berlingo is 675 kg at the max. The load volume of this vehicle is 4.1 m3. These are both the same as the internal combustion editions of the automaker’s LCV.

Power is generated to this vehicle by an electric motor that was technologically advanced by the Mitsubishi Motors Corporation on the foundation of the electric powertrain. It generates a power of up to 66 hp and produce a peak torque of 200 Nm. This motor also controls the front wheels through a speed reducer.

The battery provides a heavy driving variety of 170 km and this can be provided charge in the normal will take up a time of 6 to 12 hours that depends on the current available. It also offers a quick-charge mode that can provide 80% of the charge in less time as only 30 minutes.

This vehicle comes with an array of special features such as the eco-drive information display which has a regeneration /energy consumption indicator, a deceleration, hill start assist that is linked to the ESP system and a braking energy retrieval system.

This vehicle will up for sale in the middle of 2013.


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