Tesla to Gift Super Car- No Specific Release Date Declared

2016 Tesla Roadster 2.5 Tesla to Gift Super Car  No Specific Release Date Declared

Elon Musk is a well known chief executive officer of Tesla. He has attended a conference which took place few days back. At the interview session, Elon has told reporters that maybe by the end of 2012, Tesla gonna present an aerodynamic sleek car with battery power option. That means, you’ll have to wait few months more to get back the super car model launched by Elon’s parent company,

Though there is no specific information about the design, configuration and release date so far, one of the official spokespersons has revealed that soon this super car will be manufactured. It will be charged by ion battery with a hi-tech drive-line attachment. If you look at few snapshots of this concept vehicle, you will be pleased that this super car appears dashing and elegant. The glossy compartment of the car has been made more dynamic.

This futuristic vehicle will be more or less same like Audi R8 e-tron model. This is the vehicle which is light in weight. The super car has been remodeled scientifically using the most advanced technology. This concept vehicle is fuel economic. There will be risk of getting affected by air pollution as Tesla has introduced the ultra-modern pollution remediation to upgrade this battery powered vehicle.

The electric vehicle has the retractable seats, a dash, the windscreen, the ergonomic steering wheel, the sun visors, the odometer, the tachometer, the speedometer and the non retractable quart glass screens to design the windows. There will be louvers to keep the air flow properly to detoxify the interior part of the compartment.

This sleek vehicle is eco-friendly. That means, there will be no carbon for emission from the car. Besides, dampers have the efficiency to prevent friction. The battery powered smart car will be exhibited at different auto shows. At present, a team of engineers are busy of tuning up a one-off model with the purpose of showcasing this artifact at an international auto exhibition for a hands-on demo.

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