2013 Mercedes-Benz E300 BlueTEC Hybrid revealed

2013 Mercedes Benz E300 BlueTEC Hybrid 2013 Mercedes Benz E300 BlueTEC Hybrid revealed

Mercedes-Benz E300 BlueTEC HYBRID is a combination of the fuel economy that is provided by a 4 cylinder diesel engine with the benefits of the hybrid. This car displays efficiency with no compromise. The hybrid concept makes no compromise in terms of comfort, safety and spaciousness.

In this model, the Mercedes-Benz uses the combination of 2.2 litre capacity four cylinder diesel engine with a hybrid module. There is a 20 kW electric motor that is positioned in between the 7-speed automatic transmission and the internal combustion engine which supports the diesel engine, when the vehicle is speeding up. At other times it also helps recuperating braking energy. Also, this vehicle can be driven using the electric power only. The fuel intake of this car is 4.2 litres fpor every 100 km.

Before the market launch, Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC HYBRID will get an environmental certificate in accord with the ISO standard TR 14062.

This car provides many extra functions that improve both efficiency and comfort. It also helps to deliver a driving experience reinforced by sportiness.

When the car is manoeuvred or parked the electric power is used. Also when the car is kept stationary, the engine can be switched off as the steering and brakes are controlled electrically. Also when overtaking, the electric motor supports the combustion engine. When the car is ‘sailing’ at speeds below 160 km/h the combustion engine is shut off and the desired speed is conserved electrically.

This electrical energy is delivered by the lithium-ion high-voltage battery that is specifically developed for use in vehicles. Its chief characteristic includes an output of 19 kW which allows this hybrid car to run only on this electric power at 35 km/h for one kilometre. A very important aspect of this car is the high level of safety measures that all these cars have been ensured with.

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