Ford makes a breakthrough by showcasing its carbon fiber made bonnet

2013 Ford Focus CFRP Ford makes a breakthrough by showcasing its carbon fiber made bonnet

Racing cars these days are only being made with carbon fiber, reason being that it is five times stronger than and twice as stiff as the steel metal. It is also one-third of the weight of steel, due to which carbon fiber is being widely used in the production of racing cars.

A drawback of carbon fiber is that it is very expensive and takes time to be produced, and thus are used by those companies only who can afford to put an expensive price tag on their vehicles.

Also no automaker has been able to till now lessen its price to a standard which would make it proper for mass production in vehicles.

Ford recently exhibited at the ‘Composites Europe’ that was held in Germany, a Focus bonnet that has been made with ‘carbon fiber reinforced with plastic’ (CFRP). This bonnet is 50% and lighter than the regular bonnets that are made with steel. Also the Ford’s European Research Center has announced that the bonnets made with carbon fiber take a shorter production time and thus can be utilized in standard assembly lines as well.

This project has been active since 2010 and will remain until 2013 (Sept). It aims at developing cost-effective techniques for body sections made with carbon fiber as well.


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