Honda Fit Twist (2013) unleashed

2013 Honda Fit Twist Honda Fit Twist (2013) unleashed

2013 Honda Fit Twist 3 Honda Fit Twist (2013) unleashed

Honda has come up with new plans. The automaker has revealed at Sao Paulo Motor Show, the Fit Twist (2013).

This model has been designed only for the Brazilian market. This vehicle is being touted as the competitor of the likes of Skoda’s Fabia Scout. This car has its base in the Fit (Jazz) platform.

It mostly has off-road motivated styling that has plastic made chassis, aluminium made roof rails and side rails. Other modified inclusions are the grille and the bumpers. The fog lights too are new. The front façade of this car and the matte fenders are all new. From the look of the car it seems that the ground clearance too has been increased.

The pictures of the interior have still not been released however, what has been made known is the premium seat fabric.

The engine options are still being speculated but mostly as carmakers carryover their engine to their later offerings one may expect an engine of capacity of 1.4 liter with power capacities of 75 kW (100 HP) or a 1.5 liter capacity engine with 86 kW (115 HP).

This model- Fit Twist- will be up for sale next month onwards. The price of this price has not yet been revealed.


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