Porsche’s latest offering- 2013 Panamera Platinum Edition

2013 Porsche Panamera Platinum Edition Porsche’s latest offering  2013 Panamera Platinum Edition

2013 Porsche Panamera Platinum Edition 2 Porsche’s latest offering  2013 Panamera Platinum Edition

At the end of November this year, Porsche AG, Stuttgart will be offering a new and stunning edition of Panamera- Platinum Edition. The special version of Panamera, which is available as Panamera Diesel and Panamera 4 is one-of-a-kind due to their independent and subtle styling features executed in platinum silver metallic in combination with regular features and details.

The many features of this car that are in platinum silver metallic are the air inlet grille lamellas, the air vent grille placed on the side, side-view mirrors’ lower half, the trunk lid’s trim and rear diffuser.

There are five body colours offered to customers out of which two are solid colours that are white and black and the rest are metallic carbon grey, metallic mahogany lacquer, and metallic basalt black. The glossy black finish is used on the side of the window strips, which gives the vehicle a superior finish. The Porsche Panamera Platinum Edition is offering more to the customers. Many extras that customers needed to buy before are being offered as regulars. The equipment include parking assist for the front, Bi-xenon headlamps, auto dimming exterior and interior mirrors, and 19-in alloy wheels from Panamera Turbo.

The interiors have a twin colour combinations that includes luxor beige or black, to choose from. ‘Power Steering Plus’ and ‘front seat heating’ are offered as standard. This car also has an interior package that incorporates part-leather as standard; a full-leather package is also available.

The latest bi-colour patterns have also been revised. The door trim, the upper halves of the dashboard, the rear of the front seats and the baggage space are covered in black and the rest is in the colour luxor beige.

PCM aka Porsche Communication Management along with a navigation system keeps the driver’s focus on the road. Panamera Platinum Edition comes with a price tag of €79,707 in Germany. Its diesel version costs €82,206. The Panamera 4 Platinum Edition is priced €87,323.


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