Renault’s latest- the 2013 DCross Concept

2013 Renault DCross Concept Renault’s latest  the 2013 DCross Concept

The automaker Renault has its eyes set on the Brazilian market as that is the second largest selling platform. The Dacia models, including the Duster Sport utility Vehicle, incorporated with the diamond logo is sold here.

The DCross Concept is the latest offering from Renault. This concept has its base in the Romanian Sport Utility Vehicle. This concept has been established by Brazilian design team- who proposed a more hi-tech Duster- belonging to Renault.

This concept car has a body colour of two shades of green and a matte black coloured paint finish. The fascia of this car has been modified and the rear end has changed taillights. The roof rails of this vehicle have a spare wheel that has been mounted on it, the mirrors on the exterior too have been updated and the wheel tyre combination too is now beefier.

At the Sao Paulo Motor Show, there was also seen at Renault’s stand a tweaked version of the second generation Clio which is named Mercosur. The front and the rear end of this car has received its cue from the fourth generation model but has its basics similar to the second-gen that came out in the year 1998.

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