Renault Clio Cup 2014 details have been declared

2014 Renault Clio Cup Renault Clio Cup 2014 details have been declared

The Renault brand of cars has divulged some of the details about their latest offering- the Clio Cup 2014.

This car is now undergoing testing. This model has been given a very familiar kind of a style. What distinguishes it from other models is its front profile that makes it look belligerent. There is a scoop that has been mounted on the roof of this car. It rides on Speedline Corse 17-in alloy wheels. The rear wing of the car provides 40 kgs of downforce at a speed of 125 mph.

A car is fitted with a four cylinder turbocharged engine that has a capacity of 1.6 litres. It is able to thrust a power of 220 hp and provide a peak torque of 270 Newton metres. This engine is linked to a six-speed sequential gearbox which is able to send the power directly to the front wheels with the help of restricted slip differential.

The other highlights include ZF-Sachs regulating dampers, ‘AP Racing’ brakes, and a date attainment system which has a display mounted on the dashboard.

This 2014 model of Renault will be up for sale in the month of September, next year. The price starts at 37,800 euros.

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