The all new 2013 Kia Ceed SW

2013 Kia Ceed SW The all new 2013 Kia Ceed SW

Car has always been the men’s toy. It never ceased to grab the attention. The hatchback of Kia Ceed was a roaring success, people simply loved the car. Riding high on the popularity, the Kia Ceed Sports wagon is introduced only 3 months after the launch of Kia Ceed’s Hatchback. This brand new sports wagon is an eye candy and surely will make its owner proud. The super popularity of the car is based on its advanced technology, practicality and usability.

The sports wagon along with the hatchback was introduced in the 2012 edition of Geneva motor show. The car was designed in Kia’s Frankfurt design studio and the model was rolled out from the production facility of Zilina plant in Slovakia.

The sleek model is made compact and this feature of the car is a big advantage for the model over its rivals in Europe. The car is only 4.5 m long and yet sufficiently spacious for comfortable seating of the passengers and the driver.

The sports wagon model is gaining popularity over the hatchback version in the fleet segment. According to the current statistics the sales figure of the sports wagon has overtaken that of the hatchback model.

The perspective of safety is taken well care of in the Kia Ceed SW, it meets all the European safety norms. The car designers have kept the small passenger comforts in mind as well.

As a result, the car has exterior light fitted to the front door handle. This helps in finding the lock in darkness. Also the steering wheel is automatically kept warm during the cold season. An electronic parking brake helps in easy parking. The seat of the driver can be power adjusted in ten ways and the seat has a memory to remember the positions.


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