2013 Caterham Supersport R revealed

2013 Caterham Supersport R 2013 Caterham Supersport R revealed

2013 Caterham Supersport R 2 2013 Caterham Supersport R revealed

The brand Caterham has incorporated to its already existing range of the iconic Sevens, providing the Supersport with a comrade- the Caterham Supersport R two-litre, which provides a power of 180 hp and a track-bred dynamics.

This all-new edition too has features like the regular Supersport. The circuit-oriented performance essentials is such a feature, however, it gains a bigger-sized engine which can be linked to a five-speed transmission to give a significant boost to the power output.

This car has been designed in a way that it is a step further than its 1.6 litre contemporary which is in the range of Sevens. The car is equipped with a Ford Duratec engine that has a capacity of 2 litres. This engine s durable and can perform. It has been developed at the Caterham’s R300 race championship three years back.

The car has been competitively priced and comes with a price tag of 24,995 pounds with tax included in a self-build form. It is priced at 27,995 pounds for a fully-built form. This latest model benefits at the mid-range ‘punch’ and features a power increase of 25% on the Supersport model. It also fits in 5 bhp more than R300 road car.

Caterham Cars have joined forces with Renault to venture into engineering features together. This will result in a series of latest vehicles which starts with a sports car that will provide the market with this brand’s “accessible fun” philosophy.

The cabin of this vehicle features a modified steering wheel, race seats, four-point race harnesses and change-up light that have been integrated. An aero-screen too has been fitted into the car that is provided as a regular feature. This vehicle weighs only 535 kg. The car rides on ‘Avon CR500’ tyres, race springs and Supersport dampers which makes the vehicle more manageable on the road.


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