2013 FIAT 500C Abarth car in detail

2013 Fiat 500C Abarth 11 2013 FIAT 500C Abarth car in detail

2013 Fiat 500C Abarth interior photos 2013 FIAT 500C Abarth car in detail

The FIAT 500C Abarth might look tiny, but it is a monster out on the road. This new model has an increased power to weight ratio making it every car enthusiasts dream. This car is a real powerhouse of energy. It can do 0 to 60 in 7 seconds an the 1.4 litre engine can produce an impressive 160hp of torque! This car, scheduled for release in early 2013 is what every small car aspires to be. It has been tested extensively on the track and all it’s components are performance tuned for racing. Fiat has a racing history of over 60 years and their cars are still racing in international series races even today.

The looks of the fiat 500c Abarth are still classic and intact. It is perhaps one of the best looking small hatchback cars of all time. The Abarth has a retractable roof made out of fabric that retracts into the back of the car just above the rear spoiler. The roof can either be retracted all the way or just half, to allow the sun and the fresh air to flow in. The look of the 500C Abarth is as sport as ever and this limited edition car comes with a special sport mode that gears the engine up for some high speed action. The suspension has been made less springy for a more controlled ride. The handling has been greatly improved on this model. The Abarth is certainly a must have for any fiat fan. The engine has a higher cylinder compression than before and it can now get the air and fuel mixture to 18psi before ignition. This allows more air to be burnt in the cylinder at one time. It also features a supercharger that utilizes the hot waste exhaust gasses of the engine to improve engine performance.


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