2013 Honda N-ONE details revealed

2013 Honda N ONE 2013 Honda N ONE details revealed

2013 Honda N ONE 2 2013 Honda N ONE details revealed

The Honda Motor Company Ltd., declared that it will start the sales of N-ONE which is the third edition of the all-new N Series mini-sized vehicle. This car is the third after the N BOX and N BOX + on the Nov 2nd, 2012 in Japan’s different dealerships.

The first ever mass-produced Honda mini-sized passenger car was initiated into the market in the year 1967. Honda’s all cars feature the M/M concept which is ‘man maximum, machine minimum’, and therefore this car is no exception.

This new car designed by the engineers embodies elements which are in sync with the latest era in Japan.

The car’s chief features include a capacious cabin which can accommodate four adults. The driving capability of this car is stable. The chassis of the vehicle is lightweight but robust and provides a quiet drive even while driving in the highways. The suspension of this car too is highly developed.

Moreover, the car also provides excellent fuel economy of 27.0 km/L. It also features an Emergency Stop Signal which is the ESS. This comes as a standard feature in this car and is also the first small-sized vehicle in this segment to feature this system.

The N-ONE Premium is the top-of-the-line of this model. It features a superior quality exterior and the interior too is luxurious. There are a number of body finishes available to cater to the different requirements of the customers. There are in total eleven 11 body colours and a dual-tone colour style which provides different colours to the body and the roof.

The VSA and the HAS are systems that are provided as standard on all variants of this model. There are airbags fitted on the side curtains of this car to ensure safety. In terms of emergency, this car is 90% recyclable.


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