2013 Mazda CX-5 180 Concept revealed

2013 Mazda CX 5 180 Concept 2013 Mazda CX 5 180 Concept revealed

2013 Mazda CX 5 180 Concept 3 2013 Mazda CX 5 180 Concept revealed

The Mazda CX-5 180 is being touted as a car for all occasions. Also the car is heavily built on delivering performance, therefore be it undulated and rough roads or a smooth drive on the highway, this car is up for all kinds of challenges.

The car has seasonal statistics for different kinds of temperatures that are featured on the doors placed at the front that includes the highs and the lows of temperatures. It also co-ordinates the other digits pertaining to GPS.

The vehicle in general has a blue coloured exterior. This model’s car features a topographical map which bears the Big Bear Lake and the Point Dume of Southern California.

The other details of this car include a grille placed at the front with a red lining. The matte red finish substitutes the standard chrome of the five-point grille of this vehicle. This colour also is extended to the head lights placed at the front facade of the car to add a more belligerent look to the car. The same colour has been used designed to accentuate the brake calipers.

This car rides on wheels that are 20-inch in size and are wrapped in Goodyear Eagle F1 rubber. The wheels are black chrome which has been custom built by Mazda Design. The red coloured brake calipers can be seen through the 10 spokes of the wheels. A twin exhaust covered in satin chrome finish developed by Racing Beat adds the finishing touch to this car.

The cabin is wrapped in Aqua Blue coloured leather finish. This leather fabric is contrasted with bright white coloured accents that have been employed on the fabric on the door panels, armrests, seats brake boot and the steering wheel. French stitching accents appear in white and red on the seats and the armrests.


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