2013 Mazda MX-5 Super 25 Concept revealed

2013 Mazda MX 5 Super 25 Concept 2013 Mazda MX 5 Super 25 Concept revealed

2013 Mazda MX 5 Super 25 Concept 1 2013 Mazda MX 5 Super 25 Concept revealed

The Mazda created motorsports cars are a specific entity that has a presence of its own. The Mazda MX-5 Super 25 exudes that spirit of Mazda. Its predecessor the MX-5 Super 20 concept that was specifically built for SEMA has been surpassed by the Super 20. The previous model was boisterous following its containment of supercharged engine. The Super 25 vehicle was designed keeping in mind endurance racing.

The MX-5 Miata has been a very light and agile sports car that is affordable. The MX-5 Super 25 has had the Miata as its reference point in its bid to build a dependable car meant for long-distance travelling and heavy racing. The features on the exterior is inspired from racing cars combined with the Mazda Design’s creation of interior, this model of the car has been labelled the ‘55’ racing number. This figure is significant as in the history of Japanese automobiles, Mazda has been the first and the only one to have been announced the winner in the ‘1991 24 Hours of Le Mans’.

This car features some of the core colours integral, to MAZDASPEED Motorsports Development, such as gray, red and black.

The car is covered in a glossy Super Red , with Brilliant White detailing along the hood incorporating a Black Mica matte finish engulfing the lower portions of the car from the rear and front fascia and laterally on the side skirts.

The black, white and rec combo is extended onto the glossy hard top black surface. A four-lamp lighting which is customised has been fixed above the grille. The vehicle has lights from PIAA 40 Series halogen lights flanked inside the cabin with 510 Super White Driving halogens fitted on the exterior. This car rides on 17-inch six spoke wheels which are matte black in colour.


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