2013 SEAT Ibiza Cupra revealed

2013 SEAT Ibiza Cupra 2013 SEAT Ibiza Cupra revealed

2013 SEAT Ibiza Cupra 3 2013 SEAT Ibiza Cupra revealed

The all-new SEAT Ibiza Cupra showcases the brand in its best form. The car features a strikingly different design with amazing performance and advanced technology that makes it the most energetic package in its segment. The car is packed and compact and is equipped with functions which creates an enjoyable experience and makes it proper for everyday use.

James Muir, who is the President of SEAT, S.A said “The Ibiza Cupra is one of the icons of the SEAT brand. Its stunning design and refined dynamics promise driving fun kilometre for kilometre”. He also added, “With its innovative technologies, upgraded interior and further improved quality, the new Ibiza Cupra clearly shows how quickly and consistently our brand is continuing to develop.”

The car is packed with a 1.4 TSI engine which is the best at the moment because of its advanced technology. It incorporates twin forced induction through turbocharger, supercharger and direct injection. The car can churn out 132 kW or 180 PS and a peak torque of 250 Newton metres which is impressive.

AP Racing Performance brake system is provided which substitutes the regular high-performance brakes. The car rides on wheels of the size of 17 inches.

The entertainment system that has been fitted into SEAT Ibiza Cupra is brand new and can be improved even further by using the SEAT Portable System. The Cupra vehicle’s seats feature a two-tone leather fabric which is optional.

The VP for Research and Development of SEAT, S.A- Dr. Matthias Rabe rounds up by saying “”Spontaneous, powerful acceleration, agile handling, good traction and responsive brakes deliver the kind of driving pleasure that the Cupra name represents”. He also added “The new Ibiza Cupra is a perfect example of how we at SEAT bring together the very latest technologies from the Volkswagen Group to create a unique and highly rewarding overall package.”


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