2013 Tesla Model S unveiled

2013 Tesla Model S 2013 Tesla Model S unveiled

2013 Tesla Model S 1 2013 Tesla Model S unveiled

The first ever superior quality sedan is the Tesla Model. This car has been designed to take optimum benefit of the electric vehicle structure. A powertrain that has been fitter to this car creates a low center of gravity.

The car has been balanced with aluminium built chassis engineered for greater handling and competence. The safety features too are of the highest standard.

The car is fitted with a battery package which is considered the most energy-dense in the industry. The vehicle uses the best-in-class aerodynamic features.

Tesla’s Model S is fitted with an extensive range that no other production electric vehicle across the world possesses.

This vehicle comes with a 3 battery option so that it can be of use to the demands of different drivers. The ‘85 kWh Model S’ has been acknowledged with the US fuel efficiency rating which is of 89 MPGe. It also has a range of 265 miles which has been EPA rated.

This model is devoid of a transmission tunnel or an internal combustion engine which makes the cabin of this car have more luggage space in comparison to any other sedan of its class. The vehicle has another trunk fitted under its hood.

The car provides space of seating five passengers. It also has a choice of incorporating rear-facing seats for two children.

Performance Model S can start from rest and speed up to 60 mph in only 4.4 seconds. The cabin has a 17-in in-dash touchscreen which has internet facilities and allows streaming radio, navigation and web browsing.

The electric powertrain of this car is highly advanced and thus provides torque instantly and is also able to accelerate smoothly from rest to 97 km/h in only 4.4 seconds.

The premium car in the USA comes with a base price of $49,900.


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