2014 Ford Fiesta Sedan

2014 Ford Fiesta Sedan 2014 Ford Fiesta Sedan

2014 Ford Fiesta Sedan 3 2014 Ford Fiesta Sedan

The brand new model, Ford Fiesta Sedan, is going to be revealed in the Auto Show held at Los Angeles in 2012. The car has been given a ravishing new look, extraordinary features and latest technological transformation which make it an extremely fun car for driving.

One of the best aspects of this car is that it is fuel efficient. It gives the best mileage in a liter of fuel. It has a new engine, EcoBoboost which has a capacity of 1 liter. The engine is so good that it has already won a number of awards internationally. Owing to this top class engine, the new model of Ford is the most fuel efficient car that one is likely to come across.

Apart from the great engine, the car also has other exciting features as well. The best among them is the touch screen system that comes along with the car. This feature enables the driver to control, navigate, and enjoy the other entertainment options in a new way. It also has a voice calling options. This is a great feature that has been given to this model. It is evident that the best technologies have been used to make this new model.

The car has been made keeping in mind the demands of the present generation, which makes extensive use of digital technology. Thus, new upgrades have been incorporated which makes it highly distinguishable from other cars of its kind.

The car also has safety features which make it a great driving experience. The exterior and the interiors of the car have been designed to signify style and comfort blended in a unique way. It has been given features like child lock system; monitor systems to check tire pressure, as well as anti-theft engine immobilizer. With all these new features, this car will grab everyone’s attention very soon.


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