2014 Ford Fiesta ST

2014 Ford Fiesta ST 2014 Ford Fiesta ST

2014 Ford Fiesta ST 3 2014 Ford Fiesta ST

2014 Ford Fiesta ST 6 2014 Ford Fiesta ST

Many customers like to own small smart cars. With the launch of the all new Ford Fiesta ST, the company sales will soar. The car is introduced in the Auto show held at Los Angeles. This is going to be the hottest buy of the year, as expected by many.

The first model of this kind was launched in the year 2005. Since it arrival it the market the car has proved that small cars are not boring. The new model along with its power engine and excellent suspension has excellent features packed under its hood.

The car has been updated with an EcoBoost engine of 1.6 liter along with four powerful cylinders. It enables the car to proper at 197HP. The car has a great speed of 34 meters per gallon. It is a five door hatchback with great design on the exterior. With all these extensive features, the car looks extremely sporty and smart.

The car has great 17 inch aluminum wheels. It has dual exhaust pipes with bright tips. It is said that the car looks as if it is ready to go on the racing tracks. The model has been given an all new metallic orange paint, which looks extremely cool and stylish.

This new model has special features which make it easy and safe to drive. The steering system of the car is extremely responsive. The front knuckles have been modified in order to give it a quick steering capability. Extra roll stiffness has been added to the rear axle so that in can turn around corners very easily. It is more close to the ground while turning around curbs than the previous models.

Thus, with the new features, this model is expected to be the smartest model of the town. With its compact design it is going to attract many customers.


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