ATS’s 2013 SPORT 1000

ATS SPORT 1000 ATS’s 2013 SPORT 1000

ATS SPORT 1000 1 ATS’s 2013 SPORT 1000

The car brand based in Italy, Reborn ATS, has provided its buyers with more number of details about its model which has been named the SPORT 1000.

The car takes cues from the 1960s inspired racing sports car. It has a chassis made of stainless steel which has been made in aluminium. The car weighs 55 kgs or 121 pounds only. The body which is GRP made can be completely removable and marks the scale at a 57 kg or 125 pounds. The whole vehicle weighs 400 kg or 882 pounds only, because of the lightweight construction.

ATS claims that this two-seater can also be powered by the motorcycle engine from Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda or some other four-cylinder capacitated inline. This has a chain driven transmission and also a Quaife ATB which is fitted with ‘limited slip differential’.

This vehicle also features a twin wishbone suspension which has fully adaptable shock absorbers which come with rear and front anti-roll bars.

There are safety features which have been enabled into the car. It includes a steering column which is collapsible, a six-point seatbelt from Sparco, a crash box, ‘explosafe’ featuring aluminium tank and a 50 mm rollbar.

This car is available and costs 25,000 Euros upwards.


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