Facelift for Porsche Cayenne in 2014

2014 Porsche Cayenne e Hybrid  Facelift for Porsche Cayenne in 2014

Although the brand new Porsche Cayenne has been in the market for quite a few years, the company has reported that it is going to prepare a small facelift for its model in 2014.

The viewers can be expecting minor changes and twists in the model of the car. However, there has been a major introduction to the older model. This is the smart technology allowing the hybrid variant that can be plugged in. this new feature is called e-hybrid. This feature is based on the old hybrid standard. However, it has added features like a lithium battery of 10 kilo watt hour.

The car will also have a new electric motor that can generate 75 kW. The car is thus eco-friendly. This e-Hybrid is faster to use due to this electric motor. The e-Hybrid along with the super charged electric motor present with it gives it a combined output that counts roughly up to 313 kW.

This new car is going to be a fast vehicle on road, offering the driver super power and super speed. Hence, it is going to be a great driving experience. There are various other unveiled features that will be known during the facelift itself.

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