Honda’s chic vehicle-Honda N-ONE- is up for sale

2013 Honda N One Honda’s chic vehicle Honda N ONE  is up for sale

2013 Honda N One 1 Honda’s chic vehicle Honda N ONE  is up for sale

Honda’s latest offering the Honda N-ONE vehicle will be obtainable tomorrow onwards in all dealerships through Japan. The car is stylish and pretty and clearly looks has been heavily inspired by the retro era.

This city car has been fitted with a three cylinder engine which has a capacity of 660cc and is run on gasoline. The engine is available in both the options turbocharged and the naturally-aspirated editions and are linked to a Continuously Variable Transmission and either all-wheel drive or a front-wheel drive system.

To this model, Honda has fixed a Premium trim level which is obtainable in 16 colour options or 5 mixtures of dual-tone colour styles. The other safety features contain Emergency Stop Signal (ESS), Hill Start Assist (HSA), Pedestrian Injury Migration Body, side curtain safety airbags, and Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA).

The car has been provided with an LED exterior and interior lighting, xenon headlamps. The headlights of the car are circular in shape. The vehicle has a dual-tone paint job finish.

The base level model comes with a price tag of 1,150,000 yen which is about $14,371. The other flagship model of this car has a price of about 1,707,750 yen which is about $21,341.


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