New Bidders for Aston Martin-Mahindra& Mahindra and a Mercedes Consortium

Aston Martin Vanquish New Bidders for Aston Martin Mahindra& Mahindra and a Mercedes Consortium

An interesting piece of news has come up recently. Mahindra& Mahindra happens to be one of the eager buyers among the buyers for Aston Martin, a British Car Manufacturing Company. Toyota, too had taken the first step towards it. However, it did not undergo the entire process on evaluation.

The Investment Dar is now in talks with those who are the final bidders, agreeing for a stake of 50 percent in Aston Martin. There are four major sources that came up.

Mahindra & Mahindra was the first which has bid the highest, so far. The second company is InvestiIndustrial, a European company, which has bid $400 million USD.

Mahindra & Mahindra happens to be the largest producer of tractors in the world. It includes an automotive division as well. Earlier it had also taken part for bidding for Land Rover and Jaguar. However, it had lost to Tata Motors, which happens to be the rival company.

According to Deepesh Rathore, an analyst, the company is looking forward to enter into new markets. They chose Aston Martin mainly to add on to their own profile. This would make the markets, especially America to consider them seriously.

The company is also the largest maker of SUV.

The Investment Dar has announced an $800 million invested to be required. The second company has bid far lower than what has been asked for. It has a partnership along with Mercedes Benz. However, the current offer that came up seemed extremely tempting.

The only process in which the small companies will be able to survive in the large competitive market is to be a part of the large companies. Thus, this small company, tied up with a huge name has extremely good hopes for the future. It is technologically rich and has great platforms for its models.

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